Welcome to the megamorphosis.

Here's an exclusive preview of our brand new corporate identity. A responsive, digital-first design as dynamic as the world around us. It projects our image as an agency who classifies the meta trends of a changing world, recognises their potential and reveals new perspectives.

From meta trends to mega opportunities.

Sustainability, digitalisation, and globalisation are meta trends that are changing our economy and society. New markets with different rules are emerging and customers are developing previously unknown needs. Companies must redefine their contribution to a sustainable, worthwhile society. We believe creative communication is the key to transforming shifting complexity into new opportunities. And we help our clients to realise the potential that this change holds for them.

Complex solved.

We are a full-service agency for the knowledge economy. Our core expertise is translating abstract topics into concrete communication solutions. We make our complex world a little more understandable and human every day. Whether it's a brand, an experience, a campaign, a narrative or content – thanks to the in-depth topic and industry knowledge and wide-ranging skills of over 250 experienced minds, we know how to reach our clients' markets, stakeholders and customers – creating value and worth with creative communication.

Our values


We believe that every encounter is an opportunity. No matter how different we are we treat everyone the same – with respect, appreciation and openness. Together we are not only stronger, but also smarter. We approach others openly, whether internally or externally.

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We face new issues with optimism. We have the inner-drive to adapt to changing circumstances and grow with them – new opportunities are everywhere so our approach is flexible and curious. We love constantly shifting horizons.

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